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Fundamentals of Lean Thinking
Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping for the Lean Office
5S and Visual Management
Kanban and Pull Systems
Setup Reduction
Introduction to Cellular Production
Lean Supply Chain
Introduction to Lean Product Development
Design for Manufacture and Assembly / Integrated Product-Process Development
Lean Kaizen Event
Lean Facilitator Program
Lean Certification Program Review Workshop
Introduction To Six Sigma
Leadership and Management Fundamentals for the New Change Leader
Leadership Exploration and Development Series
Culture, Change, and Change Leadership
Applied Business Creativity



Lean Facilitator Program (12 months)

To create a true lean transformation of your business, Lean Thinking must be deployed broadly, deeply and consistently. Developing the skills and experience necessary to create this transformation eludes many companies. This can lead to slowed deployment, false starts, and missteps. The Lean Facilitator Program is designed to develop your organization’s “internal lean consultants” and the training and experience necessary to start your company on the road to true lean performance. This comprehensive training package includes a full day of instruction devoted to each program topic, on-site implementation coaching and individualized support. The course design nominally includes a capstone design project, which demonstrates participants’ understanding of the tools introduced in the course. Program content can be modified to suit specific organizational requirements.


  • Leading Change
  • Opportunity Identification and Lean Deployment Strategy
  • Overview of Lean
  • Problem-Solving Tools
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S and Visual Management
  • Mistake-Proofing
  • Kanban Pull Systems
  • Lean Supply Chain
  • Cellular Production
  • Setup Reduction
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Planning and Implementing Kaizen Improvement Events
  • Value Stream and Organizational Transformation
  • Meeting and Presentation Skills
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals

Target Audience and Outcomes:
The Lean Facilitator Program is targeted toward organizations who are clearly dedicated to large-scale organizational change using lean tools and techniques. Participants should possess the attributes and skills that will enhance their ability to communicate, plan, persuade, manage, and lead. At the conclusion of this comprehensive program, participants will be able to plan and lead lean deployment at the value stream and systems level.

The Lean Facilitator Program is nominally a year-long program during which participants devote three to four days a month in classroom training, and a significant fraction of their time to application of lean techniques. Neovista has trained over three dozen candidates through the Lean Facilitator Program. Neovista has provided the Maryland World Class Manufacturing Consortium with a version of the program that has proven highly popular and successful. See a brochure of their program here. A specially-designed accelerated program can compress all sessions into a four-week, academic-only package.